Friday, October 28, 2011

It's getting spooky

There is plenty of mystery brewing for Halloween on Monday.  I do hope if Jake is making an appearance in that Irish graveyard, they will wait until All Saints Day on Tuesday.  Surely they can do something else scary to Lucky on Monday.

Something frightening is about to happen to Sam or Jason.  The most frightening thing is that Carly is going to be right or claim she is.  I just hate it when she is right.  Her romance with Shawn is going nice and slow as it should be.  She is after all still married.

And is she married to the mystery man on Spoon Island?  I assume this is the island where Windemere is located.  Until this week, I hadn't considered this to be the place Jax is hiding out.  I really thought he would be gone longer - like forever.  Well, I can dream, can't I?  I just don't like Jax, never have.  I'm glad Sonny didn't kill him but that doesn't mean I want him back egging Sonny on either.  Jax isn't the saint he tries to claim he is.

If it is Jax and he rescued Elizabeth, is he going to be her next conquest?  That is one man I don't think she has slept with.  He isn't all that fertile so he might be safe for her.  Monica was certainly dishing out the contempt this week when she commented on how late Elizabeth's children are often in daycare.  I don't care for Liz all that much but Monica really has no room to cast stones from what I've heard of her own past.

And finally we have the mystery of what happened to Lisa Niles.  Is she dead (please, please I beg of you writers, kill her off this time!) and if so, who did it?  I half expected Miss Marple to pop through one of the doors to the ship's lounge while they were all casting glances at one another.  Plenty of motive and plenty of claims of black outs among the suspects.  I'm not sure who did it at this point.  I'm hoping it was Matt so we can get rid of his character but then again I'd hate for anyone to pay the price for killing Lisa.

At least they are off that boat and now the real mystery can begin.  I have to say that the cruise and Sam and Jason's honeymoon have been the biggest bores of the year.  These have just dragged on and on. Maybe some action is coming along with the spooks for Halloween.

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