Friday, October 21, 2011

Of all the gin joints...

in all the world, Kate just happened to go to Jake's for a drink?  Yeah, right.  I think she was testing herself and clearly she failed because she couldn't resist Coleman - a cleaned up Coleman.  Now Sonny is walking in on them.  I don't see a big macho fight coming on because Coleman is scared to death of Sonny.  If Kate wants a guy to fight for her, she is out of luck with the bartender.

Meanwhile, on the Love Boat, Lisa is busy creating mayhem while everyone else is having a little x-rated fun.  This is the most unconventional celebratory party for a work achievement I've ever seen.

I could also call it the slow boat to China because the story is really dragging to me.  Actually lots of things are dragging (i.e. where is Franco) as though we are just killiing time until the November sweeps.  I think at least one story needs to be 'must-see' and right now they are all stories you can pick up on whenever.

There have been some good conversations lately - Luke and Ethan, Sonny and Lulu though Sonny's argument stood no chance coming from him even if it is what Lulu secretly wants.  Poor Dante.  Lulu keeps telling him she wants to concentrate on his recovery and then works late at a job she doesn't even really have to avoid seeing him.

Maybe Maxie and Spinelli will find something or someone at Wyndemere to entertain us with before the week is out.

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