Sunday, October 16, 2011

Finding Harry

Harry's Law comes on NBC on Wednesday's at 9 opposite Modern Family.  No wonder it struggles in the ratings with that kind of competition.  Fortunately, NBC does rerun it on Saturday night so that is how we are keeping up.  Unfortunately, they don't make use of the web and post the episodes on-line.  So check it out Saturday nights at 8:00 Eastern.

I like this show because the court cases are always interesting and Kathy Bates does such a fine job of portraying a compassionate yet gutsy attorney.   She is the kind of attorney you would want if you were unfortunate enough to be in a position to need one.  I also like two things that make this drama very different.  One, Harry Korn is 62 years old.  Not many 60+ get to lead their own drama - Sally Field did it in Brothers and Sisters and Tom Selleck does in Blue Bloods but that is about all I can think of.

Two, the show is set in Cincinnati.  Finally someone in Hollywood realized that there is more to the country than NY or LA.  There are certainly many other oddities about the show that add to its appeal.  Give Kathy Bates drama a try on either Wed or Sat.  If you like a good courtroom drama, you'll like this one.

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