Thursday, October 13, 2011

Clearing the Path

I suppose today's deep conversation between Elizabeth and Lucky was a way to clear the path for him to go to Ireland and for her to run to Matt.  I can just hear her stroking Matt's ego, not that Maxie deserves him after the way she has abandoned him.  Still, Elizabeth is one of my least favorite characters so I'm not that excited about her luring another one into her web.

Seeing Lucky in Ireland does have possibilities if one of the storyline rumors I heard is true.  Let's just say his return will be like closing the loop on an old storyline.

Another story that is getting going is Kate's mystery caller, I assume to be a man.  Kate sure is getting the screen time.  I do wish they would stop having her threaten to fire Maxie.  That was a tedious threat with the old Kate.

And now we see where the character of Kristina is going.  I'm betting Kristina's sudden admittance to Yale as to do with the 'bargain with the devil' that Alexis said she was making with Sonny.  Sonny probably made a big donation and Voila!  Kristina is off to pre-law rather than a career in fashion.

Dr. Drake must make a killing as a brain surgeon for all those first class tickets, diamond necklaces, boat rentals, etc. he planned for Robin's birthday.  Guilt sure does make for some hefty gifts.

And as predicted, here is Dr. Niles awake suddenly from her many months coma, able to speak clearly, able to eat solid foods, able to knock out nurses, able to leap out of bed.  It's a medical miracle, I tell you.

Oh, well, we have to take the good with the silly, I suppose.  I could be worse, we could be watching the Chew.  Ugh!

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