Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Where's the funny?

I had hopes for Two Broke Girls when I watched CBS on-line preview.  The premise is good and the chemistry between the main characters works.  However the supporting cast is awful or at least they seem to be.  My husband insists it is the writing. Probably because it is clear the character of Max is having to wring every last thing she can out of her lines and hers are the best of the show.

This isn't the only disappointment.  I wonder if CBS has already pulled How to Be a Gentlemen as they are premiering the should-have-been-cancelled years ago Rules of Engagement late this month on Thurs at 8:30. I like Gentlemen better and it shows more promise though still nothing great.

Over to ABC, I don't even watch Happy Endings because the previews look so stupid.  I watched half of Subergatory last week and that was plenty.  NBC has already dumped a comedy and stooped to carrying Whitney which I haven't watched but my husband the reviews say is awful and Up All Night which I lasted through about 5 minutes of.

Why can't anyone create a decent new comedy?  Shows like Modern Family and the Big Bang Theory are few and far between.

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