Monday, October 17, 2011

Ethan and Elizabeth spar

Loved the sparring between Ethan and Elizabeth who both hit hard truths in the other.  There are lots of scenes like Carly and Sam where women who have always been enemies take jabs at each other.  What we don't often see are men and women who have no romantic relationship combat.  I did get tickled when Elizabeth said she was going to live down below expectations.  Honey, you have been so below expectations that you can't get much worse.  You have three children with three different guys none of which you were married to at the time.  You almost killed Sibohan at least 3 times before Anthony finally  did her in.  If I were at GH, nurse Webber would be the last one I'd want to see coming.

But one guy who has picked the wrong woman to tangle with - actually make that two guys - are the Zachara guys.  Anthony ended up port side with a nail hole in his stomach and Johnny has a syringe in his neck.  I'm hoping it wasn't filled with the same stuff that put Lisa in a coma for months.  Anthony may know who to go to for the antidote but he has his own problems right now.  Why Johnny keeps falling for Lisa is beyond me.  Give this guy a good woman, please!

There was Olivia dispensing relationship advice again when she still hasn't had a successful long-term relationship herself.  Why does Dr. Webber want someone from Memphis in Port Charles when he refuses to even talk about Memphis?  This is mysterious.  I suppose he is replacing the doctor Lisa brought on.  I liked the guy and they haven't even mentioned him in months.

Maxie is beyond annoying these days and so incredibly selfish.  Was she this bad when she was played by Kristen Storms.  I thought Kristin brought more like-ability to the role.

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