Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chip on his shoulder

Patrick Drake has one thing right about his brother.  Matt has a giant chip on his shoulder.  It is a wonder he can get in and out of the elevator.  He has some reason but I'm getting tired of it.  I'm glad he finally shared his news with his brother and his boss.  BTW, Robin should do something to celebrate this recognition.  Matt should a) have asked for the case he wanted because it helped his research b) share his success and enjoy it c) dump Maxie.  Maxie is clearly putting her career and Spinelli in front of him and has been for - well, forever.  I find it impossible to believe that a cute neurosurgeon couldn't find a woman who wanted to spend time with him.   Oh and d) he should not fall for Elizabeth who is destined to get back with Lucky eventually.

Speaking of cute, Ethan is just plain hot walking through caves with a candle.  I had a flash of Indiana Jones there except that Indie found excitement a lot more quickly.  I hope Johnny isn't in too much of a hurry for info on Skye since Ethan seems to have camped out at Windemere.

Continuing with the Spencers, Dante's surgery has given Lulu lots of time to think and I'm still not sure there is an engagement in the works.  I think she is enough like her mother that she will not want the adventure, she will want the home life.  Luke told her Dante was addicted to adrenaline and he is right.  Dante is a cop and a risk taker.  Can Lulu handle that?

Luke is finally making his presence known and not a minute too soon.  Tracy has been propositioned or blackmailed.  Surely she doesn't think Anthony just wants a night of her company.  Loved having Alice back.  She is part of the Q tribe I've missed.

Just when I thought they may have totally screwed up the Jason story, he gets this little flash in the mirror and looks a lot like the thin version of Jason that was Jason Quartermaine before he bulked up. Now it is more a question of when, not if, old memories will start coming back.  That is, if Franco doesn't get him first.

So much going on right now with all the characters!

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