Thursday, October 6, 2011

Good Question

"Is this you coming or going?" was Ethan's question to Luke.  Good question.  Of course, Tony Geary's vacation is up so he must be staying.  With Luke though it is hard to tell.  After overhearing Tracy yesterday, I don't think he is going anywhere. He isn't about to lose his wife to Anthony Zachara.  Does Luke know about Tracy's past?  She won't be so high and mighty after her transgressions are revealed to her husband.

Lulu is getting a by hypocritical herself.  I understand her desire to keep Dante protected but she was all for his help with Helena and Luke.  Loved watching Olivia's excitement and the expression on her face when she found out she had to keep the engagement a secret.

That is some kind of confidence Carly has.  She asks a guy if he would sleep with her and he walks off and she assumes that means "yes."  This woman does not know the meaning or implication of the word "no."  She also seems to have finished grieving for Jax, but then she knows he isn't really dead.

The stand-in Maxie is OK but I hope Kristen Storms makes a speedy recovery.  She just is Maxie.

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