Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Poor excuse for comedy

Last night I felt kind of 'blah' and I just wanted to hang out with my husband.  He watches all the CBS comedies so I watched from Jeopardy through Mike and Molly.  Two and one half hours of TV is too long for me and Two and a Half men are two and half too many!

Actually, let's start with How I Met Your Mother which really should have been gone a couple of seasons ago.  These people still have the same hang-ups they had in season 1.  They are better people than Seinfeld's lot but the idea is the same.  Take a group of people, create a formula that works and just rehash each week.  It is very good formula, but it is a formula.  Barney is trying to score, Marshall and Lily are obsessed about something to do with each other and their relationship, and Ted can't seem to keep the good girls or see the flaws in the bad ones.

Two Broke Girls showed promise in the premise.  It is a timely comedy but it is so poorly done.  The supporting cast is like someone went through a checklist of minorities and plugged one into each slot.  Their dialogue is terrible.  The Girl's dialogue particularly Max is getting as vulgar as 2 1/2 Men.  It's cheap and demeaning.  The horse bit is also particularly stupid.  I can't believe some animal rights organization hasn't complained about the idea of keeping a horse in a backyard in Brooklyn.  If the girls were making some progress toward their business goals I might give it another chance.

Two and a Half Men really should have gone away about 3 seasons ago.  It has nothing to do with Charlie Sheen's personal life either.  The show as just the same old stuff.  It can make you laugh for a moment which is a credit to the actors including Ashton Kutcher who seem to be able to make something out of what is being passed off as comedy.  One of the biggest mistakes besides not growing these characters is not using the supporting cast more.  In this case they have gems in Bertha and Evelyn.  They should be on every show.

The only salvation of the night was Mike and Molly which was hysterically funny.  This is a great credit to the writing as they needed few of their expansive and talented cast to make it work.  You knew Mike was putting his big foot in his mouth over and over.  You knew he meant well and you knew he was going to be ripped to shreds for it in his new household of women.  Everything is working on this show I just wish it had a more mature lead-in.

The saddest thing about the first three is that my husband keeps saying they are better than a lot of the other stuff out there.  True.  I know a Mash, Friends, Frasier, Big Bang, and Modern Family don't come along very often.  It just seems like there shouldn't be so much gap between these outstanding comedies and everything else.

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