Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Dramas

Over the weekend, I watched three of the new Fall dramas via the Internet.  Any network not putting their progamming on-line is missing out.  Hear that NBC!  I'd have liked to see Harry's Law as I watched a few episodes last season and it conflicts with Modern Family but no, they can't put the whole thing on-line.

Anyway, I watched Revenge, Unforgettable (which I consistently forget the name of it) and a Gifted Man.

Revenge - ABC has hyped this to death like all their new shows but this is the only one where they put the first few minutes on-line so you could actually get a preview.  Combine that with a favorable review by my husband who typically watches just about everything new at least once and I decided to give it a try.  It was engaging and I'm surprised to add it to my watch list for the weekends.  Surprised because I really didn't think this had legs.  How much revenge can you take?  Plus it is set in the Hamptons and begins in September?  Still it seems to work for me. It isn't gory; she doesn't even kill off everyone.  She has other ways of getting her revenge which makes it far more interesting and her far less likely to get caught. I'm interested in the main characters backstory. Still, I can't see this lasting more than a couple of seasons, but it can still be a good drama.

Unforgettable - This was the one of the three I most thought I wanted to see.  I'd seen the 60 Minutes piece about people who remember every day of their lives.  This is totally bizarre especially when the character in the series starts telling someone what time the sun came up on a certain day.  I don't know what time the sun came up today!  Poppy Montgomery is very good in this role. She is sharp and yet vulnerable.  I love the interaction she has with a particular resident at the nursing home where she volunteers - good irony by the writers.  I'm just not sure the weekly stories are going to keep me coming back so it might get forgettable for me.

A Gifted Man - I was stunned to like this show!  Really stunned. First off, I don't care for ghost stories - good ghost or not.  I watched it Sunday when there was truly nothing else I wanted to see.  Yet the main character is not what I expected.  He seems like a pompous jerk and he is yet he has friends, he has family that loves him and he does indeed have a heart. His ex-wife - the ghost - is the kind of person you just want to be around so it is no wonder he doesn't want her to leave his life.  One wonders why he would have divorced her in the first place.  The patients were also very watchable.  The only downside to this drama is that it airs on Friday night which is where shows typically go to die. CBS has had tons of great dramas that either started out on Friday or were parked there where they lost their audiences - Early Edition, Picket Fences, and others I can't even remember now.  So I hope this one will survive its time slot to live on.

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