Monday, September 19, 2011


I feel like a jinx.  Usually when I watch an awards show, the people I want to win, don't.  But not last night.  I watched most of the first hour as that was the comedy portion and then my husband wanted the TV.  Everyone I wanted to in comedy win, did!  It was terrific.

Ty Burrell gave the best acceptance speech I've ever heard.  I loved that Melissa McCarthy was a surprise winner.  And Jim Parsons is just terrific.  Kind of feel sorry for Steve Carrell even though I don't watch his show.  But Parsons is just so good; he deserves another win.

Julia Margulies won again for the Good Wife which was well deserved.  I would have liked to see Alan Cummings get an Emmy for playing Eli. He has taken what I presume was to be a throw away character and turn him into a fan favorite.

Tonight, the new season resumes.  Thank goodness, reruns are over for at least a few weeks anyway!

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