Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall 2011 Week 1 in Review

Wow, that sounds like an imposing title.  I just wanted to post my thoughts on the first week of the fall TV season.  Notice the week isn't over but it might as well be.  Friday and Saturday are dead TV nights.

So here's what I think of what I've watched so far:

Two and a Half Men.  Yes I was one of the 27 million viewers to see what the return without Sheen would be like. I thought the funeral with all the old girlfriends and Rose being at the heart of his demise to be well done.  Jon Cryer really got a chance to shine in this episode which he deserved.  However - and you knew there would be a however - the new version of the show is clearly going to be more of the same.  Personally, I think this show should have ended two seasons ago. The characters hadn't grown any.  If anything, they had all gotten worse!  No, I won't worry about watching this on Monday nights.

Two Broke Girls is the only new show I've seen so far.  The girls are well portrayed and interesting.  Unfortunately, the rest of the cast is a dud.  I don't expect this to last.

Modern Family - I've set a high bar for this show. It is the funniest thing on TV.  The first of the two episodes on Wednesday was a bit disappointing.  There were humorous spots but they seemed forced to me.  This may be because ABC had played some of them to death.  Now I do understand why Gloria kept singing when everyone else had stopped.

ABC does the worst series promotion of any network.    They run the same previews over and over.  They also don't take advantage of the web and offer a few minutes preview of new shows.  Placement of their previews is also questionable.

Now I feel better and back to Modern Family.  The second episode where Cam and Mitchell prepare to tell the family about adopting another baby is much better.  Very funny lines and one of those where it all comes together in the end.  They bring it all back to family.  I'll be watching next week for sure.

Big Bang Theory - Two hysterical episodes!  We both laughed so hard at Sheldon and the red chair!  I'm hoping Leonard's romance with Pria fizzles.  She was a good character for awhile but it is time for at least one of the girls to move on and she is the one I want to see swapped.  Amy and Bernadette are keepers for sure.  Nothing about this show is getting stale.  Clearly someone knows what they are doing.

Person of Interest - I lost interest in this supposedly 'highly anticipated' new show after about 30 minutes.  I finished it out but it will be the last one for me.  The main character is one of those invincible Rambo types who always has the skills he needs, always gets a break and never fails to clear a room of bad guys with his fists or conveniently place weapons.  The back story is weak and done to death - guys drops out of society after something happens to the women he loves.  Yawn.

Tonight is a rerun of Revenge so I might watch it.  I saw the first few minutes on-line - the only one of the new ABC shows to be presented that way.  It shows promise and my husband liked it.  However, again however, it seems more like a mini series to me.  Doesn't look like there would be enough here to make an ongoing series.  Still I may give it a try.

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