Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First I'd just like to add a vote for Skye's beautiful ensemble today.  For one thing, it reminded me of a great read dress and black and cream scarf I used to wear in the '80's. My dress wasn't as fitted as hers but it was always a favorite.  Whoever came up with the idea of that little flap over the arm hole which hides often less than perfect arms on most of us is genius.  Skye is tipping the fashion balance of the show onto the positive side again.  Good thing with Diane away for awhile on another book tour.  She should have taken Spinelli with her.  Isn't he a walking ad for that book?

General Hospital has either great dressers or awful ones.  Maxie is so dead on most of the time and her assessment of Brenda was perfect - she was a fashion disappointment in every way.  Whoever styled her should be ousted.

Now to more important subjects.  Kristina suddenly has a serious surgery in her future.  I hope we are going somewhere with this and it isn't just another opportunity for Dr. Drake to show off his surgical skills.  There wasn't much build-up, almost no controversy over having the surgery and it seems certain she will be fine by the time of Sam and Jason's wedding in 2 weeks.  I don't see the point here.  Though it does give Ethan screen time which is always a bonus.

Loved Maxie and Lulu's talk today.  They so clearly nailed each other's problems.  I'm hoping Lulu does move back home with Maxie and we have more of their interaction.  Maybe Lulu will take her old job back.

I also liked what Jason said to Michael today though I fear he might as well have been talking to one of his monitors for all the good it is going to do.  Michael is determined to make his dad proud.  Speaking of Sonny, where is he?  Back in Bensonhurst or wherever that key he carries around fits?

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