Sunday, September 11, 2011

What't the hurry?

Kristina needs surgery, no question.  She can't go around with limited blood flow to her brain, but it isn't as though she is passing out every other minute.  Why can't Patrick take a break and then do her surgery another day.  I get that hospitals have to move patients along, but in this case, Sonny can certainly foot the bill for extending Kristina's stay no questions asked.

It is all getting set up for a disastrous surgery.  Jason just came through with flying colors unless of course like me you wanted him to get a little more of his memory back.  Sibohan's surgeries were perfect - if only hospitals had better security.  No one has apparently notified the security guards to keep Anthony out as he is there practically every day now.  We are due for a mistake in the OR and I don't mean Elizabeth zoning out.

Apparently Elizabeth won't be assisting on this surgery as she is going to be tied up.  I swear she is the stupidest woman.  She couldn't call Dante to follow the drug ring link or just wait until the guy took more drugs.

I thought the scene with Edward and Ethan was wonderful.  You knew that Edward knew who he was helping.  He wasn't going to put his company jet at Ethan's disposal for just anyone.  So is Skye staying or going?  If she stays, I hope she gets more of a storyline than every man in town swooning over her.  I like seeing her and Tracy fighting like family.

Poor Matt.  He is a brain surgeon who does life saving cancer research on the side and he is making excuses for his girlfriend because her job is so important?  I love Maxie but she never appreciates the men she has until they are gone.

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