Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Unlikely Trio

Lucky, Dante, and the newly revived Spinelli are about to make an unlikely trio to rescue Elizabeth and Maxie.  I sure hope Sam loves this ring.

Why does everyone keep defending Sonny on the basis of losing his wonderful Brenda?  He and Brenda didn't spend 10 minutes (literally!) figuring out if they would work as a married couple so I have no sympathy for either of them.  Given how many women Sonny has been through since his first time round with Brenda I really don't think she is his great love anyway.  Will it be Kate again?

No shower sex with Dr. Drake, darn!  I guess when you are an old married couple, those scenes get cut.

Tracy dispenses good advice to Lulu again.  She really is a good stepmother.  With the Q clan back on the front burner, I wonder if Tracy's sons will reappear. I've only seen them in a few old YouTube clips so I'd like to find out more about Tracy's relationship or lack thereof with her children.  I always loved it when Brook Lynn called her "Granny."

And Tracy and Anthony sizzle.  I know he is a crazy and lethal old guy but I can't help but enjoy his scenes.

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