Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Anti climatic

Jason is awake.  Good.  Jason recognizes Sam.  Better.  Jason remembers their wedding date.  Wonderful.

Jason is the same as he was?  Not so great.  What was the point?  I loved the fantasy scenes with all the women in his life wondering what if and it was pretty clear he would end up with Sam.  What I wanted though was him to remember some of what happened before his first accident so he could be drawn back into the Quartermaine's.  I think this was a popular wish so I think there are going to be some pretty unhappy viewers if something doesn't trigger Jason's recently cleared out brain to flash back to a Q event.

I want to be Olivia in my next life.  I want to look as gorgeous as she does and most importantly I want to be her sub the next shower scene.  Very hot and something tells me there is a hot topic in Memphis that Steve wants to avoid.  It is time we added some spice to their relationship that involves keeping them clothed and doesn't involve Steve's sister or Olivia's son.

Anthony is just everywhere these days and he sure can speed dial a phone.  Who says you lose dexterity or brain cells with age?  Everyone underestimates Anthony and I hope none or main characters end up regretting it.

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