Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Michael definitely needs to get his priorities straight if he is more interested in protecting the warehouse than getting Dante medical treatment.  Thank goodness Abby and Carly were there to set him straight or rather to take over.  Now can Shawn figure out Anthony planted drugs before they are discovered?  I'm thinking the police are already all over that warehouse.  Johnny is right; Anthony had definitely ended the peace.

Olivia called Sonny before she called Lulu apparently quite a bit before since Sonny and Kate had time to get to the hospital.  And they just thought that wedding went off without any gunshots.

It made for more drama to have Lulu waiting around for Dante but I do think Olivia should have called her more promptly.  So now Lulu looks like a young Laura?  Well, I didn't watch when Laura was on so I'll buy it. Who is at Windemere?  I had assumed it was Luke but a slashed portrait of his great love doesn't fit.

I'm anxious to see what deal Alexis has struck with Sonny and can someone say Menopause?  Those are hot flashes, Alexis!  I do hope they do a storyline on this.  Too many times these programs are too youth oriented.  ATWT did a very small bit on Lisa going through "the change" years ago but now they talk about everything so why not that.

Finally, I'm really disappointed in the return of James Franco. Yes, he is creepy but I want to see him do something besides plant funny little spy cameras and dance around with a dress.  He needs to interact with the cast.  I suppose they are dragging out his appearance. Maybe he will appear in Hawaii if we are invited along on Sam and Jason's honeymoon.

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