Monday, September 12, 2011

The new Kate

Kate is back with a new face and apparently the same personality.  I don't know why the change but I like having the character around again.  Wonder who she was talking to today.  I don't think it was the unseen Federico.  No, I'm wondering if it was Franco as he is rumored to be returning.  Kate was part of his original entre into Port Charles.  Having Kate back should give Olivia someone new to talk to and perhaps Sonny who desperately needs a change in tactics.

And Spinelli is back!  Physically he has been present but psychologically and emotionally, not.  Yet there is still something from his alter ego he needs to retrieve.  If only he can get that connection to the stars and perhaps save Elizabeth in the process.

I find it unbelievable that Anthony would put up with so much ineptitude from his flunkies.  He seems to have friends in all the right places and plenty of money.  He can't get better help?

Boy everyone is throwing Tracy under the bus. Luke!  You'd better get back to town to help your wife out of a big jam.  Maybe Tracy's past is why she put up with so much from Luke.

Did Carly call Shawn "honey" today or some other endearment?  Hopefully he is going to work security at the hospital.  They need it.

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