Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wedding in a Chinese Restaurant

It sounds terribly corny. It was sweet and romantic.  I loved Jason and Sam's wedding!  And I loved the preemptive wedding idea because since everything is happening tomorrow night, we know there would have never been a ceremony.  Let's just hope none of our favorite of Port Charles perish in all the action!

I had to laugh at Maxie who seems to think all her plans are actually working???  Really, the guests haven't been invited, the flowers are in the wrong church, there is no music and that is without all the usual things that can go wrong for a wedding - particularly a Port Charles wedding.

I guess I was wrong in that Lulu is going to say "Yes" just in some special way.  Only problem is, she is planning it for the fateful tomorrow night.  Dante may be in suspense for awhile yet.

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