Sunday, September 4, 2011

Things that needed to be said

Since I seemed to have missed a couple of cues this week, I rewatched Wednesday's episode on-line.  What a great show, almost as good as Monday's episode with everyone daydreaming about Jason's life had he not been in the first accident.

On Wednesday, Alexis and Carly purged themselves of what they really felt about each other and their ex's Jax and Sonny.  I'm happy that Alexis realizes she can't protect Kristina - who is now 18, don't ya know? - from Sonny by forbidding her from seeing him.  Carly could learn something from that.  If I were Carly, I'd be terrified of how Sonny is manipulating Michael but she can't fix it.

Lucky is absolutely right in that Lulu doesn't give him the same benefit of the doubt she gives her Dad.  Why is that?  Does she really think Luke is just too far gone but Lucky can be saved.  She definitely has a higher standard of behaviour for her brother.  Dante is sure between a rock and a hard place or an addict cop and his sister who happens to be his girlfriend.  The guy just can not win.  The argument between Dante and Lulu was so good because they were both right.  I don't want to see them break up but I can see how that now is not the time to be moving forward.

Elizabeth, your ex-husband is waving a big red flag in front of your face and you aren't seeing it.  Lucky was quick to assume that Elizabeth would blame him for the missing drugs.  She has done nothing but defend him and believe in him.  This should be a huge clue for her that he is far too defensive.  She wants so bad to believe in him, to be the one person who does, that she refuses to see what is brimming right in front of her.

One thing that I don't think was ever revealed were the results of Sibohan's autopsy and if anything is going to be done about it.

One thing I learned  though from watching the episode is how Anthony was set-up or supposed to be set up if Patrick hadn't interrupted him on Thursday.

Unfortunately, Monday is a holiday for GH.  When I used to watch ATWT there were few holidays but we did miss episodes on Labor Day as they ran tennis tournaments that day and the following Friday as well.  So this year, I only miss one soap day.  Still there are plenty of cliffhangers.  Jason is waking up and Kristina is passed out. Lots of hospital time I'd say for next week.

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