Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Looking forward to Fall

In this last week of reruns, the days are getting really short and the nights long and very boring.  I typically watch only one show per night - sometimes 2 half hour shows but they are enjoyable and break up the evening.  So I'm really looking forward to the return of:

Sunday - The Good Wife which is no doubt the best drama on television.  I hope it does great in the new time slot.  There is a catch up episode on-line though it doesn't cover nearly all that happened and doesn't really talk much about the one character that everyone does talk about - Calinda.  All the characters are interesting and have tons of depth to keep this one going a long time.

The Housewives are doing their final season and I'll probably catch it via the Internet on Tuesdays when there is nothing on in Primetime yet again.

Monday - Mike and Molly.  I was very surprised to like this show. It is more about their relationship than their weight though of course that does spark lots of jokes.  It is the supporting cast that often makes or breaks a sitcom and this is no exception.  The sister is hilarious!

Tuesday - as I said, nothing here except perhaps the new show Unforgettable but it doesn't come on until 10.

Wednesday - Modern Family!  What else?  TV's best sitcom.  My favorite of all time is Frasier and this one just might top it.

Thurday - Big Bang Theory - my husband's favorite sitcom.  I thought the addition of the girlfriends was a mistake but I was so wrong.  Bernadette, Amy and Pria added much needed friction and material to keep the character's growing.

Friday - dead as usual.  We typically watch PBS.

Saturday - ditto.

I will probably watch Two and a Half Men just to see what they have done with it.  If it is as vulgar as the previous version, I'll pass.  I'm done with How I Met Your Mother.  I didn't watch this last season. I so don't care who the Mother is anymore.

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