Thursday, September 1, 2011

What's that again?

Apparently I'm going to have to rewind and rewatch some stuff.  I must have blinked and missed a couple of things.  Where is Morgan going off to school and why?  I'm as confused as Robin over Jason's missing body.   Didn't they think Anthony would notice the bed was empty before he tried to smother it's contents with a pillow or whatever he was going to do?  I thought Ethan really did care about Kristina and was just afraid to admit it.  If so, he is an even better con than I thought.  How did Johnny get tied up in Skye's bed so fast?

So there are some things not flowing smoothly on the story telling front for me.  I haven't missed any episodes and I'm a bit lost.  The old joke with a soap was that you could miss a week and pick right back up, not here.

Still, these are minor complaints and I truly could have missed some clues.  On a positive note, I loved the long overdue argument between Alexis and Carly yesterday.

Some things never change, Kristina is about to have a crisis and Alexis is not on the scene.  I don't think Ethan is coming to her rescue this time either.  Why do all the single women in Port Charles wander around on those docks alone?

If flowers have feelings as Anthony seems convinced they do, his orchid is sure depressed from rejection.  No one wants him or his plant around and yet he laughs it off since of course, he is holding the cards.  Though one thing I did catch was Tracy accusing Skye of manufacturing evidence against her.  Could it be that is what Skye did?  She doesn't have real proof so she made some up and sold it to Anthony?  That would be very foolish.  Oh, gee, now I sound like Anthony.  Well, I don't talk to my plants.  Then again, they don't look nearly as nice as his.

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