Monday, August 29, 2011

Jason's Story

Today's episode was an amazing compilation of writing and acting.  It is must see.  And I imagine we will see it again when GH does their reruns at Thanksgiving or Christmas.  This was definitely a keeper!

The episode put one theory to rest and left one open.  Elizabeth and Jason aren't going to be a couple.  I'm delighted because it certainly seemed obvious from her fantasy that this isn't the life Jason would ever lead.

The flashback scene at the end was particularly creative and left quite a cliff hanger. Will Jason remember anything before his original accident?  It took me a minute to realize he was remembering his life in reverse right up to the accident.  There were of course scenes I'd never seen and though I'd heard about his rage after the first accident, I hadn't witnessed any of it until today.  It is hard to reconcile those violent outbursts with the completely controlled Jason we see each day.

Finally, Monica sees what might have been isn't necessarily what should have been.  Jason called her "Mom" and I think it indicates that Monica will be more a part of his life once he wakes up whether he remembers her or not.  I'm still betting he does.

And I got my wish, Tracy and Alan both had more screen time with lots of Quartermaine bickering. We only needed Alice and Luke there to stir things up even more.  Hopefully when Luke returns, Alice will be there to dote on him.  He'll need it because I don't think Tracy is going to be very welcoming.

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