Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Point Man

For the last year, Michael has been the pivot point of the show.  Being a biological Quartermaine but adopted and raised by Sonny, he had ties to both worlds and all the key characters.  Chad Duell was certainly up for anything they threw at him and portrayed Michael as a scared teenager suddenly sent off to prison, a rape victim, a rebellious son, a young man involved with his first love, and even sometimes the entitled son of a mobster.

But Michael isn't the only character who belongs in two worlds. Jason had that role first.  Apparently his transition from wealthy, preppy pre-med student to crime figure was swift and complete.  He remembered nothing of his life before so there was no tie to the Quartermaines.  Now though, there is a chance to bring Jason into both of the worlds in which he belongs.  More surgery seems to be in his future.  I'm hoping he remembers both lives when he awakens and has to decide where he wants to fit.  The storyline potential and the character interaction is immense.

As for Michael, I'm not liking the Sonny-clone version at all.  How many times can he and Abby argue and apologize over the same territory?  They need to get back to Port Charles, get back to work and Michael needs to get back to fighting with Tracy and perhaps figure out what Skye is up to.  Edward is clearly too smitten with her.

This is something that bothers me.  While Skye is certainly attractive, I don't see why all the man fawn all over her.  It isn't unrealistic.  I've met women before in real life who seemed to weave a web that no man would resist.  I'm not expecting the next man in Skye's path to be delivering compliments.  Jax is going to be too busy trying to recuperate from his plane crash.  I'm betting Skye will keep him hidden or help him escape while Sonny is prosecuted for killing him.

Dante is another of Sonny's sons who is going in a direction I'm not crazy about.  He is lying to Lulu about Lucky.  He seems happy to be prosecuting his father for murder - for racketeering I could understand but he shouldn't be so gleeful to see Sonny going out of his mind in a cell on a murder charge.  Instead of being in bed with Lulu, I would have expected him to be breaking the news to Alexis so she could tell Kristina her father has been charged with murder - again.

Matt is a puzzler.  I've seen so little of him even though he has been a contract player the entire time I've watched the show.  I don't know if his behavior is in character or not.  But I don't see why he is covering up what is clearly a problem for the hospital - dispensing drugs with less potency than labeled.  Why would he keep this a secret?  Wouldn't he be in as much trouble as Elizabeth when it comes out that he knew and didn't report it right away?  He obviously has some big news he hasn't shared with anyone.  I just don't get this character.

I do wish I had Anthony's pain tolerance, not that I plan to cut myself on purpose.  But the guy doesn't seem to be the least bit bothered by the big gash on his hand.  Why didn't he just ask his flunkie what room Sibohan was in?  I fear that she won't survive her latest visitor.  Paging Ethan!

I was whining about no suspense Friday's awhile ago.  Not anymore.  With Jax washed up at Skye's feet, Jason seizing, and Sibohan in the hands of a killer, there is plenty to anticipate next week.

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