Monday, August 22, 2011

Hospitals are supposed to be a place to heal

Where is Epiphany when you need her?  Epiphany would have evicted Carly and Sonny and their much needed fight to a more appropriate place.  And she might have kept Anthony out of Sibohan's room.  Wonder what Sibohan wrote on that pillow?  And what kind of nurse is Elizabeth.  She didn't notice the monitors were out when she stopped by to check on her patient?

I sense trouble for Elizabeth. She was the last known person to see Sibohan alive both when they talked and when she stopped by the room with Anthony hiding behind the door.  I can't see how her nursing career will survive this one.  She'll be lucky if she isn't occupying Sonny's recently vacated cell.

What I don't get is Anthony's obsession with Lucky.  Perhaps there is a history here that I don't know about.  Maybe he has a tie to Helena.  Putting the two of them together would be, well, maybe we don't want to go there.  I don't want Port Charles to get wiped out before its time.

Spinelli/Jackal is coming unraveled.  Maxie, just stick to it.  You may break him out of his weird bent yet.  Lucky seems to think the guy at the bakery was familiar.  I don't remember the guys who held him down while JT shot him up but maybe this was one of them.  If so, Anthony has moved very fast in converting the bakery to a front.

We have much to look forward to this week.  Here is a great interview with Steve Burton who plays Jason on GH:  TV Guide Jason interview  Looks like Friday and Monday will be must see days for sure.

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