Monday, August 8, 2011

How much can she take?

A lot of fans want Sibohan gone.  After all that has happened to her, I can't see why she wouldn't want to put Port Charles behind her if she survives at all.

She has been almost burned to death, had brain surgery, nearly killed with the wrong medication, has  headaches and nosebleeds, fell down the stairs, and now thrown from a moving car.  All of this happened in just a couple of months.  Is Sibohan the female Jason Bourne?  The city of Port Charles is going to have to put up a bond referendum just to raise money to pay the increase in their insurance premiums on police force dependents.

I hope Elizabeth is in shock.  Otherwise, she is a sorry excuse for a medical professional.  First she didn't buckle Sibohan in and then after the accident she was running all over the place before she tried her cell phone.  Wouldn't the first thing you do be to call 911? Then she is blabbing to Steve where anyone can hear her that Sibohan thinks she was pushed.  Steve is certainly going to have his hands full and they won't be full of Olivia.

I feel so sorry for Sam.  She is SO happy and it is about to be shattered by the type of phone call we all dread.  (The phone rang just as I was typing that! Fortunately, it wasn't that kind of call.)  Monica was of course just telling Robin how she misses all her family and now Jason is injured.

Of course, we know Jason won't die.  The new writer is busy resurrecting and reassembling the Quartermaine clan so he couldn't possibly kill off the most interesting Q of all.  The question is which Jason will awake from the inevitable brain surgery.  I'm hoping for a Jason that remembers all.

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