Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Go girls!

Sam has finally found her voice! Thank goodness.  For three years now I've seen Sam as the most unlikely doormat character.  She should be strong but she constantly refers to her past mistakes and puts up with whatever is going on in Jason's life to have a tiny part of his attention.  Not anymore!  She is asserting herself with everyone left and right.  That cat fight with Carly yesterday was the highlight of the summer.   Some may think it is heartless to hit someone who already has a broken wrist but Carly really did have it coming.  She should have gone home to check on Josslyn calling the police on the way.  She could have called Jason but going over to his house and dragging him away from his fiance to drive through a storm when there were so many better options just makes her selfish.

I am glad Carly has dragged Olivia into her drama as Olivia now has something to do besides date Dr. Webber.  And I agree with both Sam and Carly, why do you need to biopsy Jason's brain while it is swollen.  Whatever is there has probably been there a long time and could wait a day or two for the trauma to be a little less life threatening.  But then I'm not a doctor. Of course, neither are the people who write this stuff so it is all for maximum effect.

Diane and Alexis night at Jake's is giving a great comic balance to all the drama.  Diane should be relieved her divine coat was spared from the storm, forget the shoes.  That coat is gorgeous.  

Another balance to the stormy night's events is Lucky's trip and flashbacks.  It is all really well done.

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