Thursday, August 25, 2011


In this day and age, why are the people of Port Charles not more connected?  Alexis had to read about Jax plane crash in the newspaper at the police station.  She needs to give Molly her computer back.  I know she was trying to punish Molly for fake kidnapping Joss but enough already.  Molly would never let Alexis walk around that clueless unless of course it was about what her darling daughters were up to.

I know Sam wants Jason to think positive, but I would be proud of him for being practical. He does need to prepare for the worst. While my husband was taking his leisurely time going through Wal-mart - a shopping experience I'll never understand - I was standing at an unmanned checkout reading ABC Soaps and there was a photo caption I loved.  Jason is in the hospital bed talking to Sam something to the effect of "I can't lie here in bed.  Sonny's enemies just won't kill themselves."  Oh, so true.  And Sonny will be put under the jail if Jason isn't there to reign him in.  I do question Max being the one being briefed.  Shouldn't it be Bernie?

While I don't love the outcome, I did love the breakup scene with Diane and Max with the Jackal in the middle.  Hilarious!  For a guy stuck in the 40's, Jackal P.I. is certainly acquainted with the phrase "She's just not that into you."  I don't love Diane going on a book tour, I'll miss her almost as much as Max. Why is everyone deserting Sonny when he desperately needs help?  OK, I can see why Carly would cut him off but Diane is PAID to help him.

Sibohan wasn't writing Lucky, she was writing Luzetta's or whatever it is called.  And the Jackal has discovered something important.  He'll crack the case wide open - if he doesn't get himself killed first.

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