Monday, August 1, 2011

Carly, the spoiled brat

Sam told her mother about her engagement before Carly found out.  How could she?  Doesn't she know that Carly is number 1 in Jason's life?

I vacillate between admiring Carly and thinking she is the most selfish character on the show.  Today she was a whiny demanding brat.  She's had Jason's full attention for a decade or so and now she doesn't want to take a back seat to his wife.  It is amazing she truly believes she deserves to be that important in the life of a man she isn't married to.  Perhaps if she would let her relationship with Jason go to a normal place, she might actually make a marriage work.

I do think though that Carly was in the right in her conversation with Robin last week.  No, Carly should not be eatting off a married man's fork.  But the blame for Sonny and Brenda's marriage failing was Sonny and Brenda's.  Robin could take some of the blame too for pushing them together and pretending that Sonny's life hadn't altered dramatically since he knew Brenda before and didn't have children.  Brenda just wanted a dream wedding and didn't think a thing about what the marriage would be like.  Carly may have been a nuisance but not an unforseen one.

Thank goodness Maxie found the ring!  I know these people throw money around like it is water but there is a limit because apparently this was a super expensive ring.  And we saw a glimpse of the old Spinelli.  Maxie heard it in his voice and she says she has some ideas on how to get him back.  Dr Hunter, I think Maxie may be even more out of reach in the days to come.

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