Sunday, July 31, 2011

Like New

It was almost like watching a new show this week.  Well, that is an exaggeration.  I would have noticed a difference even if I hadn't known the new writer's shows started airing on Tuesday, but I would have probably wouldn't have seen these shows as the prelude to a new direction.

Several things are being set up.  Kate's name has come up at least twice and a new actress is being brought into the role at some point.  Anthony has an accomplice - a woman who loves beautiful jewelry.  That narrows it down to half the population. Skye is also supposed to be coming back so I'd say it is her as Anthony needs some help getting ELQ.  Sibohan is ill; will this be a result of her surgery or something else? Carly is obviously not pleased about Jason and Sam's engagement.  This puzzles me since she wanted them to have a child together.  Someone is stalking Carly.  Franco?  Jerry?  And Sonny is back in the old neighborhood.  Thank goodness he didn't go after Brenda.

Anthony and Tracy's scenes are priceless.  As refined as Anthony appears with his NYTimes crossword vocabulary and his appreciation for all the fine and beautiful things in life, it is hard sometimes to remember he is the most ruthless mobster in Port Charles.  He is behind the drug ring setting up Lucky.  Casting should get extra credit for J.T. - he fits his role perfectly.

While I never got to know the Quartermaines all that well, I've always liked them so I love the new direction of more time with Edward, Tracy and probably Skye.  I love seeing Jonathan Jackson in any scene and he definitely is getting a storyline.

It wasn't all new directions.  What the ? was Nicolas about this week??? At first I thought he was just trying to run Lulu off at Luke's request but then there was that speech and creepy kiss he gave his grandmother.  Nicholas had a nice sendoff before.  I'd just as soon leave him gone.  At least he did run Lulu off.  Another great thing this week is that it appears the new writer has wrapped up Lulu and Dante's island adventure and sent them home.  Good!

However, I'd rather have Nicolas back than Jax.  I didn't figure Jax would go so quietly.  He's angry and bound to come back sooner or later.

So there are lots of storylines building.  It is a pity this didn't happen sooner to get more summer action.

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