Saturday, July 16, 2011

Meddlesome Children

It seems to me there will be some very unhappy parents in Port Charles in the coming days or weeks.  Luke won't be any too happy that Lulu and Dante's meddling has cost Lupe her life.  I can't believe Dante even thought for a moment that he could waltz back into the brothel knowing that Javier is a killer and probably knew Dante was a cop.  As I've said before, I'm ready for this storyline to be over.

Normally, Molly's well intentioned meddling is a bit tedious but very sweet.  This time I can't see how she thinks Sonny's son and his niece kidnapping Jocelyn is going to help anything.  They are only proving Jax point though I don't think it was junior high kids Jax was worrying about.  At the moment Jax has bigger worries anyway. Joss is in danger being out with two children after just getting out of the hospital a few weeks ago.  Surely this time, Alexis will do something about her daughters!

I knew Kristina would rise to the bluff.  And I agree with Johnny; Ethan has feelings for Kristina even if he doesn't want to see it.  I keep hoping Alexis and Sonny will cut Kristina off and make her get a job.  I'd like to see her working with Maxie for Kate - and have Kate back bossing everyone around.  I like workplace storylines. How much of the day can people really spend in a cafe anyway?

Will this finally be the straw that breaks Brenda and Sonny's marriage?  All Sonny had to do was report Jax's payoff of the mediator to the judge.  Brenda couldn't have found Sonny at fault for that.  As it is, Sonny went too far.  I'd only seen Sonny's marriage to Claudia before Brenda.  If he truly loves Brenda and this is how he handles marriage, he needs to stay away from the altar.  I don't blame him for wanting to help Carly but his methods are sure to alienate his wife.  And I don't like how he keeps saying he will 'handle' Brenda.  I want her out of Port Charles but I still don't like Sonny's idea of what a husband should be.

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