Saturday, July 23, 2011

Absence of a Cliffhanger

It used to be that Friday afternoon's ending left you counting the hours until Monday's show.  Not lately.

Oh, there have been a few good ones, like the week Sam was discovered as the victim of the limo bombing, not Brenda.  I think that was a Friday cliffhanger.  But this week's was very ho hum.  Does anyone besides Lulu who has proven herself the queen of gullability believe that Helena doesn't know who Dante is much less that her island was invaded by a Spencer?  I also don't think she is about to knife Dante although she is certainly welcome to continue his job interview with him shirtless.

A much better cliffhanger would have been Jason's proposal or rather Sam's response because for a minute there I thought she might actually turn him down.  She wants to spend her life with him but marriage scares her.  Given the length of marriages in Port Charles, I can certainly see why. I was also hoping he had somehow found the fabulous ring, but the bolt was a Jason sort of touch.

When I first started watching GH, I didn't like Jason very much.  He showed no emotion.  I just didn't get him.  Over time of course as I found out more about Jason's past and watched him more carefully, I realized how much Jason does reveal with just the slightest tilt of the head and with those fabulous blue eyes.  Steve Burton does an amazing job of portraying his character.  It must be much more difficult to control the anger and pain in scenes and make it show in minor movements and slight changes in his voice.  I admire the character of Jason and his portrayer more every time I see him.

Another thing that isn't much of a cliffhanger is Sonny chasing off to find Brenda. Since she is headed for Rome, it isn't a big secret.  I'm hoping something stops him.  Maybe he won't be able to afford the jet fuel with that $20 million still missing.

Speaking of which, it is time to put Spinelli back to normal.  I've had enough of Jackal P.I.  It was cute, it is well played but it is wearing thin.

The storyline I am really interested in is Robin the Chief of Staff.  This has potential for all kinds of problems.  Matt seems particularly put out by her and since Patrick isn't getting the 'good' surgeries I would assume Matt would be and would be happy about it.  I'm glad to see Steve around.  I was afraid he would disappear to the ER.  Steve's right, bringing Elizabeth back is a mistake.

I may have to retract all the wonderful things I had to say about Lucky and not finding a women good enough for him. First he burns down a house and nearly kills his wife - though he didn't know she would go running in there after him.  Then he goes camping while she is still in the hospital albeit with her encouragement, then he goes off to family dinner night with Elizabeth and finally doesn't go to the hospital with Sibohan for her final doctor's checkup.  He is back at work taking on an assignment and telling his ex-wife about it and not his current wife.  I've given him a lot of slack because of Jake's death and his father's role in it, but he needs to pick a wife.

Another storyline I'm watching is ELQ.  I loved it when Micheal told Tracy off.  I knew there would be animosity there and it is good to see everyone getting stirred up and pointing fingers.  I hope someone comes to their senses before Anthony takes over.  Asher probably should be nervous; he is expendable.

Finally, what happened to Shawn?  I thought the actor got a contract.  There is storyline potential here too. Besides Carly is bound to get lonely and jealous - she isn't going to be number 1 in Jason's life much longer.

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