Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Unlikely pairings

"Are you not dead yet?"  from Tracy to Anthony had me laughing today.  What an interesting combination.  Not that I want Tracy to get involved in the mob but his pursuit of her could be fun to watch.  Imagine the rose bouquet he would put together!

What isn't so much fun to watch is Lulu at the brothel.  This story has gotten old fast.  I know every soap likes to take characters on some kind of summer adventure but can't we go on location?  I'd rather follow Siobhan and Lucky to the beach.

Speaking of Sibohan, I know most people would just as soon ship her back to Ireland.  I am ambivalent but I will say she has more insight than anyone else on the show.  She is right; Lucky needs help.  While I know Elizabeth wasn't trying to kill her, I can see why Lucky's wife thinks she might.  Will she find some other way to get even with Elizabeth since she dropped the laysuit - for the sake of the kids?  I swear, kids are the most convenient reason to get out of anything.  Maybe I should have had one.

Things are getting more interesting at ELQ now that Michael has some interest in his job.  Is Asher just messing with him or will Edward put too much faith in Michael and make a disastrous choice?  I want Tracy to get back to work and tangle with Michael.  I can't imagine she likes Edward's choice of a protege.

Proposal Interrupted!  I guess we will have to wait for Jason to pop the question to Sam.   I love Maxie and I truly hope she has found a way to keep Spinelli from being dumped in the harbor.  There is no way Jackal PI awoke as a sharp shooter or that Anthony will be outdone by the hapless detective.

Lots of great character interaction today!

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