Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Writer - New (or Old?) Directions

Gavin Wolf is (as Spinelli or Jackal PI would say) on the case!  From the last two episodes, the show is already moving in a different direction with an eye over the shoulder at the past.

As a fairly new viewer - less than 3 years - I love to find out the history of characters.  Many references have been made to the past these last couple of days and I'm going to have to visit Soap Central's character references to understand some of what is being talked about.  Carly made a quick mention of her upbringing that I wasn't aware of.  On the other hand, Helena, Nicholas and Lulu have given me a pretty good idea of what happened to Lulu's Mother and how the Spencer/Cassadine war got started in the first place.  So does this mean Nicholas is coming back?  Personally, I'm not that crazy about him but maybe in the hands of a different writer? No, a prince is a prince and a character I just can't identify with.  Helena, while I certainly can't identify with her, is so much fun to watch.  I'd love for her to stick around.  She skillfully turns accusations around to the accuser, why do these people bother trying to engage her in a verbal battle?  She's going to win every time.

Yesterday, I liked the rooftop ending with Elizabeth and Sibohan.  I know Sibohan is being made out as the bad gal here, but Elizabeth has her weaknesses.  Chief among them is that she can't let go of any man she has ever been with.  If she can't have them, no one else can.  She seemed devastated that Jason was getting married and I don't think she wants back together with Jason.  Clearly, she wants Lucky back.

Ugh!  I so hoped whoever outfitted Brenda and Sam would get fired.  But no, now Carly is sporting that awful tube top/racer back overshirt look.  It is hideous, hideous!!!

Steve's reference to Kate is obviously a precursor to Kate's return albeit with a new actress.  I don't know why, I liked the old Kate just fine.  I'm delighted that Olivia will have her cousin back to fight with and perhaps we will see more of her in her fiesty Bensonhurst(?) ways again.

Love seeing Monica call out Jason and Elizabeth for keeping Jake a secret from her.  She was hardly a threat to the child.

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