Sunday, July 10, 2011

Why I watch

My grandmother called it "watching her stories."  She was a regular viewer of As The World Turns and the Guiding Light.  My mother watched them too along with my aunt next door.  My aunt said she never missed her story when she went outside to hang her wash or do other chores because my grandmother's TV was so loud the whole neighborhood heard.  My grandmother was more than a little hard of hearing.

So I was inducted into the Soap Opera Watchers Hall of Fame at an early age.  I watched during the summer and in high school, I couldn't wait to get home to turn on the Guiding Light and catch the last 30 minutes every day.  What would that skanky (we didn't call it that then) Reva be up to now?

During college I watched both ATWT and GL and after college when I got my first VCR, I recorded the shows.  Those shows were a life saver my first couple of years in the real working world.  I had a fairly high pressure job for someone my age and I needed an escape.

However, I couldn't keep up both so eventually I dropped GL and watched ATWT on to the last day in September 2010.  I knew when GL was cancelled that ATWT would probably be next though I didn't expect it quite that soon!  Still, in the spring of 2009, I was facing a summer with reruns on in the evenings and thought it would be nice to pick up a new soap just in case. So I started watching General Hospital.

I picked GH because it was the only 1 hour soap besides Young and the Restless on the Internet.  (I really don't care for Y&R.)  The first few days I wasn't sure but of course I got hooked.  The production quality is amazing, the acting first rate, and they tell a good story.

General Hospital was so different from ATWT.  It was like going back to an 80's soap with characters who talked to each other in depth, long storylines and characters that interacted with everyone on the screen.  It took a few days but soon I'll admit I was watching GH during the day and taping ATWT!  I alternated that for the next year or so and now it is only General Hospital as my beloved ATWT is gone.

So for now, I'll get my daily fix of drama from General Hospital and make a few notes about it here on this blog.  If you are with me this long, I hope you'll come back.  I won't post daily but will try to post at least once a week.

For now, happy viewing!

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