Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Couples Day

What a great episode today!  Every couple was shown with their struggles and hopes.

When Jason told Sam to wear something that made her feel beautiful, I swooned.  What a wonderful line!  The door frame was the only thing keeping Sam from falling to the floor herself. She knows what is coming.

And I knew what was coming when Maxie marched onto the balcony with THE Ring which I hope we get a better look at.  But still, I brought my hand up to my mouth in almost shock.  Will Jason's famous control last through Maxie's planning?  I imagine she will have done such an outstanding job on the roof top decor that he will forgive her.

I think Carly's plan is going to backfire, don't they usually?  Still it was awfully nice of her considering how Brenda has talked about her.  Then again, Carly had it in for Brenda from the start.  No love lost there.

I thought it just proved Sibhon's point that Elizabeth assumed Lucky would "be better off without her."  Coming to family dinner night, doesn't mean he has chosen you, Elizabeth.  One thing that frustrates me about Elizabeth is how she always says one thing and clearly means another.  Lucky is one of my favorite characters and I still haven't seen a women good enough for him.

Jax still can't see that he set this whole mess in motion.  Why is no one confronting him with the fact that he paid off the mediator?  He did commit a crime, not as bad as what he is being framed for but hardly in keeping with a white knight image.  He has said himself he has nothing left to lose so I imagine a big exit for    Jax.

Can't wait until tomorrow to see Jason's proposal - sans ring, or will Spinelli be walking by and catch the ring in a box of his $400 worth of cupcakes?

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