Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is Brenda gone yet?

I've been waiting on Brenda to leave almost as long as she has been back.  I completely fail to see the attraction to her character.

Before Brenda returned, ABC ran three hours straight of old episodes in various time periods of Brenda with Jax, Sonny and Jason.  The only one that wasn't a complete snooze was the one with Jason when they went to Vegas to get married.  I was mildly interested in why they would marry if they hated each other - which was eventually explained.  I know taking episodes out of context greatly decreases a viewer's interest, yet with all the hype I expected to see something in this character.  All I ever saw in Brenda was a needy "girl" who wanted to get married.  It drives me up the wall that she calls Carly - a mother of two teenage sons and a working woman - a "girl."

The weeks following her return were long and drawn out and did nothing to endear this character to me.  Brenda constantly complained, ordered people around and proclaimed what she would not do.  All that was missing was her stomping her little feet at the end of each tirade.  And her beloved charity?  Dropped. Her modeling career?  Who cares?  She was getting married, she didn't need to help anyone or earn a living a little self esteem with work.

While Sonny definitely went too far with framing Jax (why didn't he just blackmail him over paying off the mediator or take that to the judge - it would have been enough???) I have no sympathy for Brenda.  If she had taken even a moment to actually spend time in Sonny's world with his business and his children before she spent hours and hours planning her perfect wedding, she might have figured out that it wasn't for her.  Sonny had moved on - he had a life filled with obligations.  He's a mob boss and they often don't do very nice things.  But all Brenda saw was a room filled with adoring friends and family to watch her have the wedding of her dreams.

The thing that really got me was why she didn't tell Sonny about Alec back when she thought she had lost he baby.  Why keep that secret then?

I understand Brenda is leaving soon and the door is open for her to return.  I hope the new writer slams that one shut realizing that Brenda's character was never updated for the 21st century and given the lack of depth of this character it probably can't be.

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