Thursday, July 14, 2011

Playing Dirty

Do two wrongs make it right?  I don't think anyone has Jocelyn's best interest at heart.  First Jax tries to buy off the mediator and then Sonny blackmails her into framing Jax for rape.  If I were the judge, I'm not sure Joss would end up with any of these people.

I did like the way Olivia is being fit into this.  I've missed seeing her and wondered why she isn't concerned about the vanishing act of Dante and Lulu.  If she knew that her baby boy and his girlfriend were working in a brothel she would need to send up a lot of prayers for them and for herself for what she will do to them when they finally get back to Port Charles.

I got my wish.  Tracy was back at ELQ yesterday and right in Michael's face.  What I never expected was her confrontation with Monica.  The fallout from Jake's death just keeps building as Monica found out she had a grandson she never got to hold.  Heartbreaking.  I'm expecting a scene between Monica and Jason to come out of this.  Will this be another of Jason's regrets - that he kept Jake from Monica's life?  The plan was for Edward to never know but now I wonder if he won't find out too though to what end, I don't know.  It would just be heartbreaking for him, too.

Looks like Michael won't be very safe at ELQ after all.  If battling with Tracy doesn't do him in, there's Anthony out to take over ELQ with the help of Asher.  Tell me why almost all the African American characters on GH have to be up to no good or written out.

The latest casting news has Skye Quartermaine returning to GH.  I never really understood Skye's place in things anyway.  Maybe the backstory will be better told this time round.

Ethan thinks he has scared Kristina off but I'm betting once she thinks it over she will convince herself that she can do this trip to Las Vegas.  She has her father's tenaciousness.

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