Thursday, August 11, 2011

An Eye Full

Mack sure got an eye full today.  Diane's - ah - outfit was a little overboard.  The whole girl talk and strip pool with Coleman has given some much needed comic relief to the heavy drama of the last few days.

I can't believe Carly wouldn't guess Jax would go to this plane.  He kidnapped Josslyn.  What else would he do but try to fly out of town except that he hasn't.  He has shown up at Robin's.  Can he just not get to his plane for some reason - everyone else seems to be able to just walk onto a private jet at their leisure - weapons in hand.

I'm sure it will come out that Patrick was right to operate on Jason but I don't see how.  I think Matt was the voice of reason here.  It is making good drama to pit the brothers against one another with wife/chief of staff Robin in the middle.  I think Robin was overcompensating for the way she has basically demoted Patrick the last few weeks by allowing him to do this procedure.  Robin isn't making the greastest decisions. In her defense, the Chief of Staff job came out of nowhere for her.

Sonny is showing his cold-hearted side to deck his son.  Dante and Sonny's relationship was getting too chummy for one to be a criminal and one a cop.  Putting more friction between them was a good move.

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