Saturday, August 27, 2011


Jason is in the hands of Dr. Drake and the fantasies of the women who love him.  Heaven help him.

I suppose these fantasies wouldn't be very interesting without their conflicts and each is appropriate for the story.  Sam's permanent Hawaiian holiday and treasure hunt would be especially boring without a gun totting stranger.  Personally I hope Jason ends up with Sam, I just want him to be in Port Charles with the complications of all the other women in his life.

One women who could stay out permanently is Elizabeth. Doesn't she give Lucky, Nicholas, her brother and now Matt enough grief without adding another man to the mix.  I wasn't watching the show to see the Liz/Jason romance but I'm already not a fan.  Elizabeth just doesn't suit Jason at all, particularly when she has envisioned him as an architect.  Maybe this harkens back from some other story, but I don't see Jason in that life at all - yawn.

Carly and Jason together I can see and then again not.  I just don't see him turning from friend back to lover with her.  I do like how she has conjured up Michael in her scene.  I was beginning to think the children in Jason's life had been forsaken.  He is a parent figure to all the young of Port Charles and does a better job of it than most of the real parents.  Michael wouldn't be too happy seeing Jason take Sonny's place in any way.  He may love Jason like a Dad but not enough to break his loyalty to Sonny.  No matter what happens, Carly will be a presence in his life.  He hadn't even gotten to surgery before she was unloading her problems on him.  I would expect Michael to want to visit with Jason, but he could do that on his own without Carly there to plead her case for Jason's help.

Monica has a substance abuse problem so I can see how she conjured up one for her son.  As Edward said, be careful what you wish for.  I only wish it were Tracy who had discovered the imprefection in Dr. Jason Quartermaine. And I hope we see a lot more of Alan before this little scenario plays out

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