Friday, August 5, 2011

An absence of authorities

If only Carly had called the police like she should have.
If only Elizabeth had called for an ambulance like she should have.

Then the show would be boring.  As it is, someone's life is bound to hang in the balance.  And if Sibhan doesn't die, I bet she does sue Elizabeth this time.  She is convinced that Elizabeth tried to push her down the stairs and she will probably be equally convinced that Elizabeth is at best a careless driver.  Will anyone find Lucky?  The flashbacks to the young Elizabeth and what I presume was their first marriage vows were very well done.

I knew Shawn hadn't left town.  He just kept popping up.  Why didn't he just take the job of protecting Carly?  It is obviously what he wants to do.  If he doesn't want to settle in one place to long, he doesn't want to teach middle school.  Given the number of teachers out of work these days it is a real stretch to think a school would offer a job to a vet with a dishonorable discharge.

I was really surprised that Skye told Carly about Jax.  I'm not sure Skye has loyalty to anyone.  What was she doing in the alley anyway?  Then again, everyone in Port Charles strolls through alleys late in the evening particularly single women.  I think her visit to Port Charles will be far more interesting this time around.  There have been some references to Tracy's sons so maybe we will get even more Q's back in town.  I've only seen them in old YouTube clips and not much of that so I'd like to learn more about Tracy's relationship with her children.

Speaking of Tracy, she hasn't looked better since I've been watching the show.  Hair and wardrobe are getting her right. Another fashion star, as always, is Maxie and this time she has a great hairstyle. She and Olivia looked fabulous this week.  Olivia keeps giving Sonny pep talks.  Got to hand it to her for trying. She should remind him that he doesn't want to do something his son will finally have to arrest him for.

A note to Sam and all the other women involved with macho men:  Stop asking them to help with the wedding plans.  They truly don't care and they are useless at this.  Just pick out what you want, turn it over to someone else or elope.  I have a feeling Sam will wish she had eloped - yesterday.

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