Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sonny's enemies

Sonny is one confused guy.  His plan to sabotage Jax plane so it wouldn't take off didn't allow for Jax fixing the plane and then crashing it.  The end result is the same. Jax is dead - supposedly though I'm sure no body will ever be found.  Yet, in the latter scenario, there is evidence aplenty that Sonny did it.  For a minute there I thought Jax might actually be visiting Sonny in jail and then disappearing leaving Sonny to know he is alive with no way to prove it.  Sonny was just dreaming.

Diane and everyone around her are always saying what a wonderful attorney she is.  The only evidence I've seen is her inexplicable ability to get Sonny bail given his history and without his physical presence in the courtroom.  Doesn't the defendant have to actually be present at his bail hearing.  I love watching Diane. I like watching her argue the points of the law, I just haven't seen stellar results in the time I've been watching.  She embraced Theo Hoffman, the Balkan without batting an eyelash. Actually she did bat her eyelashes heavily as she wanted to impress her NY partners.  If this one goes to trial, I hope Diane gets a win and shows that she is a truly gifted attorney.

What about Shawn?  He admitted being on Jax's plane.  Could he have done something that might have brought the plane down?  It doesn't seem likely but Sonny doing it is just too easy.  Jax must have had another enemy.

Sonny now has another enemy - Carly. I don't know whether it is worse to have Carly as an enemy or a friend.  She wreaks havoc wherever she goes.  It was nice of her and necessary to thank Robin.  Her appreciation wasn't met with much grace.  The women in this town have longer memories of grievances than even the men.

So Skye is going to be Tracy's downfall?  Not so fast.  I don't underestimate Tracy.  Hopefully Luke will return to add to this interesting mix.

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