Saturday, December 17, 2011

Jason's Vulnerability

Jason and Spinelli's conversation on Friday was awesome.  Spinelli does understand what it is like to lose that all important ability everyone including you rely on.  After being shot and finally coming back to himself, he no longer has any cyber skills.  Jason now can't seem to keep himself under control.  Plus Spinelli was being his usual wonderful friend and Jason was acutally letting him up to a point.

Also Jason was almost vulnerable with Monica.  I certainly hope he takes someone's advice and gets himself to the hospital.  He is wrong about one thing, this really started before Franco.  He was having those funny flashes when he would look in the mirror. And they make Steve Burton look like the younger, thinner Jason in those takes as well. The old Jason is in there.  Is he turning back the clock going back first to the rage he had after his accident? Will he start to remember Jason Quartermaine?

Sam is finally telling someone what happened to her and someone who can really understand - Michael.  It is a lot to put on Michael but he can handle it.  He gets too emotional at times but Michael is remarkably mature for his age.  He does need his father right now though and Sonny is still strolling down memory lane with Kate.  Doesn't she have a business to run?  For that matter, Sonny does too.

So Lulu and Dante are back on. Bets on how long this will last?

Another question, why doesn't the lady in white ever get dirty wandering the secret passage ways of Wyndemere?  And was that big box just for an apple?  I didn't get it.

What I did get right from the start is Elizabeth's manipulation?  Lucky, don't be a patsy.  You are smart enough to see what she is up to.  I guess another wish won't come true.  Matt has already talked about 'killing someone' - someone other than Lisa so he isn't going to be the killer, darn!

Good episode Friday, I'd like more of these!

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