Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve WOW Episode

First off a note to wardrobe:  Burn that sweater Carly was wearing most of the week.  Actually, scratch that.  Don't burn it, give it to some fisherman.  They can use it for a net and catch an entire school of fish!  It made Carly look 3 sizes bigger.  Just get rid of it.  Also, you can throw in that dress she had on at the New Year's Eve party.  It probably wouldn't catch many fish but it might catch several men on women with as long a legs as she had.  It was shorter than the sweater!  Isn't there a fashion rule about wearing a mini skirt after a certain age.  Now I am in no way bashing Laura Wright who is beautiful.  She deserves much better from wardrobe.

I will give them credit for Olivia, Kate and most of all Maxie for their stunning ensembles for New Year's Eve.  A pity that Maxie never actually makes it to any of these parties.  However, I loved watching Spinelli hook her and slowly reel her in.  Love the new version of Spinelli though I fear something bad is going to happen to him and maybe to Sonny to because of that newly gotten $20 mil.  I can't imagine he found a legal way to get that much cash in such a short time.  If he did, I'm all ears. And passing a check, that's traceable.  Oh well, that is a story perhaps for 2012.

Back to New Year's Eve and the week leading up to it.  I'm with Carly on this one.  If Jax chose to disappear, it is on him, not her.  Of course, I wanted Jax gone for good as I have no use for him. I did not want Sonny to do him in.  I just wanted him to stay gone forever.  Gone and forgotten as far as I'm concerned.  She is right that Sonny had every intention of killing Jax. Sending Morgan away was the right thing to do.  Michael and Jax weren't that close from what I could tell.  This is just Michael's way of dealing with his grief blaming his Mother.  It also gives him an excuse to get into the mob.

That is where they are headed and I'm not really sorry to see it.  I know most people would have liked to see him at ELQ.  I would have liked his summer internship to last longer but eventually he has to do the mob thing.  It is his destiny as Sonny and Carly's son.  He isn't a Quartermaine, really.  And this gives us back the fantastic performances by Chad Duell.  Killing off Abby in an accident was a smart storyline move.

Of course Tracy and Anthony had me in hysterics.  It was no surprise that he was the one who sent the note and the diamond though I did miss the setting part.  I couldn't read the note when she received it on Christmas Eve so I didn't know exactly what was coming.  Anthony must have something on her.  He wouldn't propose if it were an offer she could really refuse.

It is now pretty well known that Ethan will be written out.  It is a shame to see this wonderful actor and fun character go.  He is at a loss with most of his family gone and Kristina away at college. If he has to go, make it soon and get rid of the women in white.  I'm not intrigued except to wonder how she keeps her clothes so white wandering the tunnels of Windemere.

We know where things are headed with Sam.  I just hope this accident gets Jason to the hospital for that checkup.

The writers have set up a lot for 2012 with Micheal's anger, Sam's potential pregnancy, Jason's accident again, Anthony's proposal, and Robin's HIV status.  I hope Sonny is right and someone finds a better 2012.

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  1. Oh how fun to find another GH lover! 2012 is going to be a bit odd for GH with a lot of major characters leaving. Hope it doesn't get stupid and then get put on the chopping block. I see you also watch Revenge...LOVE that show! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!
    :) Amy