Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year and Old Grievances

Don't you just love a good fight?  After the Presidential debate where Perry now infamously forgot one of his three departments, the moderator was being interviewed and he said that until then the debate had been kind of 'boring.'  I don't think that was his exact word but it was the gist.  I turned to my husband and said, "It isn't much of a race, unless there is a wreck."

In that vein, I guess Carly would throw boring parties if there wasn't a fight.  Then again, we will never know because there is always a loud, knock down drag out shouting match.  Remember Claudia's birthday party?  Anyway, this was a really good one and I have to say I'm still on Carly's side.  If anything, she should have pointed out to Alexis and everyone else that Jax was the one who wouldn't even talk about compromising on custody for Jocelyn.  I'm almost never on Carly side yet here I am.  She is dead right that Sonny has something on Alexis - how he pulled strings to get Kristina into Yale.  Alexis did everything she could short of sending Kristina to boarding school to keep Sonny out of her life. Sonny has all these great loves yet he just moves from one to another as is convenient.  Kate, childless as far as we know, has no business telling anyone how to raise their child or protect their child.  Finally, I agree with Carly on something.  If Jax wanted to disappear, it is on him.

Before 2011 disappears completely, here are my picks for best and worst:

Best Couple - Robin and Patrick who worked their way back from all the disaster and doubt Lisa dished out.

Worst Couple - oh, gosh, there are so many to choose from.  I'll go with Sonny and Brenda who spent about 5 minutes together before planning an elaborate wedding that led to a slightly more than 5 minute marriage.

Best Story - Jake's death and Luke's involvement - I hate to pick a child's death as a good story but it created  the best performances of the year.  Steve Burton and Tony Geary were each superb.  I wish both could go home with an Emmy.

Worst Story - The bus crash.  I still can't get over how the bus somehow split into and everyone was thrown out and only two people died - not that I wanted them to die but it was ridiculously unrealistic.  And I-55 does't run anywhere near New York!

Best Dressed:  Maxie, always!
Worst Dressed:  Sam, almost always.  Why does a beautiful women have to wear literally rags?  Brenda would be next in line for those hideous extra long sleeve shirts.

Best casting changes:  Writing out Jax, Brenda and Nicholas.  Someone read my mind when they picked these three main characters to go.  Can't stand any of them!

Worst casting changes:   Considering writing out Elizabeth.  I'm not an Elizabeth fan but she is central to the show particularly as this was just before Jake's death.  It did prove though that fan support can save a character and that gets a 'best.'

Best Villain:  Anthony.  He clicks with everyone and his on-liners that swing from the innocent to the insane to the threatening in a matter of seconds are priceless.

Worst Villain:  Lisa.  It got downright silly and cartoonish by the end.

Most anticipated story for the new year:  What will Michael do now to vent his anger?

I guess we will have to stay tuned to find out.

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