Monday, January 23, 2012

Johnny's Mother

Well, I didn't see that coming.  Claudia was John's mother, not his sister.  Startling but this revelation is a little late, isn't it?  Claudia is dead and so his John's father who must have been quite a bit older than Claudia who would have had to have been a young teen.  Even in soap years, this is a bit hard to pull off.  I'm just not sure what the point of this is now. We'll see.

So glad that Patrick confronted Robin and they had a good honest discussion.   I suppose there will be a few weeks before we know what is happening there.  Since Robin is supposed to be leaving the show, I'm assuming bad news.

I can see the wheels turning for Elizabeth and I bet Nurse Nosy will be into hospital records before Sam and Jason's elevator hits the ground floor.  She will claim it is out of concern for Jason but she just has to meddle.  How many women do they have to let Elizabeth cozy up to?

So Luke didn't stop the wedding. He even encouraged it.  What is he up to?

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