Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jason, why are you hesitating?

Honestly, Jason, why don't you just shoot him?  Really.  I mean here is this guy who has terrorized you for a year, two, I've lost track.  You've got a clear shot, it is what you do.  Just get rid of him so we can all move on.

This would seem the right way for Jason to go particularly since he doesn't know Sam is pregnant.  But the story will continue.  I do hope Franco ends soon.  Much as I practically melt every time James Franco's smiles, the story has become tedious.

Though not nearly as tedious as a few days with Cassandra.  I can not say enough about how much I hate having that woman taking up screen time.  Nathan Parsons is doing a fabulous job as usual with what they have given him but even he can not make me like, respect or in any way warm to the woman in white.  Perhaps I predisposed to dislike the inhabitants of Windemere.

Alexis and Molly had a relevant argument today.  Apparently Facebook is the equivalent of the diary with the easy open lock we had when I was a kid except it is open to all your 'friends' just not your parents.

Point to Olivia!  I said yesterday that she and Steve wouldn't be boring if they actually got a story.  There was a lot of little details that didn't mean much to us yet between Steve and Maggie.  I think we are soon to find out what happened in Memphis that clearly isn't staying in Memphis  since Johnny knows.

I do adore Johnny and am so glad to see this character and the talented actor get more screen time.  Let them not forget that Brandon Barash does fantastic brooding and angry moods, too.

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