Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Returning shows

Elementary and Mom are back!   And they appear to be just in time as the ABC Thursday night group is about to go on break.  I don't know but I think Scandal and Grey's will be dropping off at the same time as Murder just before Thanksgiving not to return until the new year.  When did we adopt this awful plan for our shows?  We don't all stop our routines for the holidays.

Anyway, I'll watch CBS on Thursday nights soon.  For now CBS kindly makes their shows available online after airing.  They load them up with commercials but I can manage that.

I was disappointed in Elementary that Sherlock's father didn't show up until the very end.  However, the show made me remember how much I love Johnny Miller's Sherlock and Lucy Liu's Watson.  Miller has created this wonderful eccentric character.  Wouldn't you love to be that intelligent with a complete absence of filter?

Mom brought us Ellen Burstyn and Bonnie's Mom making what now,  5 generations?  Right now there isn't an indication that she will be back.  But I'm betting she will.

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