Thursday, March 22, 2012

Loving John McBain

I'm loving the new character (for GH) of John McBain.  I want to know more about him.   What is his history with Sonny?  Is he really in love with his wife or is there a chance he will come to Port Charles looking for love?

I love the fact that Jason will have a new rival.  It also looks like Dante will as well.  We haven't seen the annoying Ronnie in forever so anything to keep him off the canvas as well.

Luke just gets better and better. This week he explained to Anna - and to those of us who had been wondering - why Robin never called for her Mother's expert help in dealing with Lisa.  I don't get the Jake's name change.  Oh, I can see why, I just don't understand the new name. I like references to the show's history as this is a nod to longtime viewers.  But explain them to the rest of us, please!

This morning I read where OWN - Oprah's network - is struggling.  I didn't watch Oprah but I've certainly seen one of her regular shows or two and I certainly admire her.  I don't wish her ill will.  However, I do think this is a sign the ABC daytime folks need to pay attention to.  If Oprah Winfrey can only get 800,000 people to watch her interview Lady Gaga, they need to realize that talk is way, way overdone.  It isn't what viewers want.

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