Sunday, March 18, 2012

Robin's Funeral

Just a few quick thoughts on the last week or so...

Carly is ridiculously obsessed and Sam should turn in her PI license.  If Sam wants to protect her husband, she should stay in his room!  Leaving him alone for long periods of time is just inviting Carly or any of the hospital staff who knew Robin in to tell him.  Her conversation with Epiphany and her confession to the naked Ewen was sloppy writing.  Carly doesn't care one way or the other about Jason she just wants to get back at Sam. Period.

Jason Thompson has been magnificent in portraying the grieving spouse.

I continue to love seeing this new side of Luke continuing to help out one friend after another without even the tiniest sip of alcohol.  He does it in Luke style.

Many people have tired of DID storylines but I only remember one and that was about 30 years ago on ATWT.  It was magnificently done.  This one with Kate/Connie is also well done by all parties and I'm hanging on her every word.  I particularly love how Johnny and Anthony have been drawn in.

Finally, on Robin's funeral, my only gripe is Emma being present for the entire thing.  I know she doesn't really understand but still wouldn't a child be upset.  This just seems unrealistic.

Maxie storming in in her fashion faux pas red dress is classic.  Will this make Maxie change her obscenely selfish ways and get back to a person I can love to watch?  I hope so.

So sad to see Robin go.  I know the actress wanted out, just hate to see this made permanent. But then in daytime drama, nothing is permanent.

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